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Apply now. Find out how

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PhD Scholarship in Petroleum Engineering

Objective: Student is required to design a cement based nano particle composition which can resist the supercritical CO2 attack during sequestration practices.

PhD scholarship in Petroleum is available immediately at Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia. This provide an exciting opportunity for academically able student holding Master degree in Petroleum Engineering to conduct advanced research study leading to a doctorate degree. Successful applicants will be awarded the same degrees as those from Curtin University, Australia.  

Duration of Studentship: 3 Years

Nature of support available: Complete tuition fee waiver plus stipend of 2,000 RM per month

Supervisor: Dr. Raoof Gholami Co-Supervisor: Dr Muhammad Ekhlasur

Description: Application of different nano particles including nano graphene and green surfactant will be evaluated through a series of tests. Selected nano particles should be cost effective and capable of maintain the initial thickening time and viscosity of cements. The API standard does not really exist for cement to water ratio determination when different nano-particles are added. Thus, careful analysis and interpretation of slurry’s properties is required before curing. Upon curing under HPHT condition, a series of experiments will be performed including carbonation test to evaluate the changes and degradation of cements when they are exposed to supercritical CO2.

Eligibility: The candidate must have a bachelor or master degrees in petroleum, civil or chemical engineerings and a past experience in conducting experimental works.

Contact Details: To obtain further information, potential applicants should contact Dr. Raoof Gholami (