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Transport Services

Campus Travel
Our Vision
To establish a travel management system and travel standards for Campus Travel in compliance to the university’s policies and procedures

Our Mission
To ensure adequate financial leverage and cost savings implemented over Campus Travel

What we do
Facilitate efficient travel planning and to provide guidelines on best fare for domestic and international itinerary

Establish travel technologies, including Traveller’s Profile Form and Travel Itinerary Form

Assist in reservation and purchasing for air travel, hotel with collaborated corporate rates

For more information :
Information on Campus Travel is also available at the Staff Portal (

Vehicle Booking
The General Administration manages the transport services at Curtin Sarawak.  These include shuttle services, vehicle booking and ground transport arrangement.

Shuttle Services
The mission of the Curtin Sarawak shuttle services is to provide transportation for students as a means of enhancing safety between campuses. This service includes fixed bus routes mainly the campus, Curtin Villa and Curtin Village. These services operate from 7:00 am to 9:30 Monday through Friday. The city shuttle services provide Saturday service from campus to Boulevard Mall and Bintang Mall from 12:30pm to 7:00pm.

Students and staff are permitted unlimited use of this service at no charge. Bus schedules are available online at and notice board at campus bus stop.  

Transport Services

For staff member only.
To reserve a vehicle, please go to:
Information on mileage rates is available at the Staff Portal (

For students.
Please contact the Student Council to arrange your reservation for a bus.
Information on mileage rates is as follows:

Ground Transport Arrangement (for staff member only)
This information is only available at the Staff Portal (