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Curtin University

Curtin University

Information for Students

ICT Policies and Guidelines

Refer to ICT Policy at URL:

Computer and Email Account

Default Username will be your Student ID and Password will be your Date of Birth (DDMMYY format).
User must change their password upon their first logon to the system.

Computer Lab

GP402 GP2-103
GP403 GP3-103, GP3-104, GP3-106,
GP3-107, GP3-108

Refer to Computer Lab Opening timetable at
Refer to the Computer Lab Rules and Regulation at


Email communication between students and staffs must be conducted via Curtin's email account. The student webmail link can be found at under the ICT section.

Curtin student email address will be in the form of:
The default password for student webmail is the student's Date of Birth in ddmmyyyy format (8 digits).

Server File Storage Quota

Student will be given a quota limit of 20 MB. This Server Storage is referred to the Z:\ drive in your computer.

File Backups

Users are encouraged to make frequent backup copies of their files saved in the network (Z: drive).

Peer to peer filesharing programs

Installation or use of peer to peer filesharing programs such as Gnutella, Kazaa, BitTorrent, etc is not permitted.

Unlawful activity

Unlawful activity, e.g. computer gaming, infringement of copyright, defamation, hacking, denial of service, breaching of proxy services, bypassing of proxy services, hosting of unauthorized services etc are not permitted.


The campus is equipped with laser printers. User can print to Color Printer which located at ICT Helpdesk.
Refer Printing Policy for details.

On-Campus Internet Access

Internet Access is available in Computer Labs. The access is filtered, monitored and strictly for academic activities only.

On-Campus Accommodation Internet Access

Refer to Housing Policy:

Student ID Renewal or Replacement

Renewal or replacement can be obtained from the Student Services Department.

Online Learning: Moodle/WebCT/Blackboard

Any difficulties accessing Moodle, WebCT or Blackboard, report to the local respective lecturer.

Personal IT Related Equipment

ICT Department or Personnel are not responsible or obliged to service, troubleshoot, configure, setup, install, fix, backup, safety etc any of the user’s personal IT equipment such as PC, Notebook or other IT related equipments.
The user is responsible to ensure that their equipments are compatible with the University’s facilities if the user requires to use it in the campus.

Other Facilities

Projector or Notebook for In-Campus presentation: Booking request must be submitted through the lecturer in charge. The lecturer will book the equipment on behalf of the user.


For more info visit the Oasis website:

Other ICT Services

Please visit our link: