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Curtin University

Curtin University

How to Guide


  1. Reset New Email Password at Office 365 portal
  2. Microsoft Outlook configuration using Autodiscover settings
  3. Configure Email for Android
  4. Configure Email for iPhone and iPad
  5. How to Set Automatic Replies in Office 365 Webmail
  6. How to Set Global Address Book as Primary address book in Outlook 2010

  7. Students
  8. Logon to Student Webmail (Curtin Miri)
  9. Configure Student Webmail for Outlook (Curtin Miri)
  10. Student Email Forwarding (Curtin Perth)
  11. Logon to Student Webmail (Curtin Perth)


  1. Telephone operating instructions
  2. Check Voice Messages
  3. Enable / Disable Voice Messages
  4. Enable / Disable Call Forwarding
  5. Call Non-direct Extensions from Outside Campus


  1. Using Photocopier Machine to Print
  2. Student Services Department – Using Photocopier Machine to Print
  3. ABSEC card user - Using the Photocopier Machine to Print Colour or B&W
  4. How to add Network Printer - Windows 7 / Windows XP

Curtin Hotspot   **New**

  1. User Guide for Windows
  2. User Guide for Android
  3. User Guide for iPhone/iPod

Curtin Wireless

  1. Setup manuals for Windows XP
  2. Setup manuals for Windows Vista / 7
  3. Setup manuals for Macintosh (Snow Leopard)
  4. Setup manuals for Macintosh (Lion)
  5. Certificates required for Curtin Wireless connection
  6. Setup manuals for iPhone / iPod (certificates not required)
  7. Setup manuals for Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread)
    (Required App: Wifi Advanced Config Editor - D/L from Curtin / Android Market)
  8. Curtin Wireless - Apps Allowed

Hostel (Lakeside Accomodation)

  1. Setup manuals for Windows XP
  2. Setup manuals for Windows Vista / 7


  1. Novell Account Usage
  2. Application to access websites that are filtered
  3. How to convert Prezi Presentation to PDF
  4. How to map Network Drive
  5. How To Add Air Asia Apps in Chrome