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Complaint Form

Please use only Internet Explorer (IE) Browser to submit this Complaint Form.

If you believe you're going to need more than 60 minutes to complete this submission, please consider attaching the details as a Word document to prevent the form from timing out. If the form times out your complaint may be lost.
  • Any person is entitled to lodge a complaint to Office of Student Affairs.
  • To lodge a complaint you need to complete this form. The information you provide on this form will be assessed to determine the appropriate course of action.
  • Any information on this form is provided with your consent.
  • In order to address the matter, the details of your complaint will be provided to the appropriate decision maker.
  • If your complaint is about someone's behaviour it is likely that the appropriate decision maker will provide the details of your complaint to the person identified to allow them to respond. The details of your complaint may also be provided to potential witnesses.
  • After you have submitted this form you will receive a complaint ID number and a copy of your notification by email.
  • If you decide not to provide your contact details we will be unable to provide you with an ID number and a copy of your complaint. Without your contact details we may be unable to progress your complaint.
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