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Policies & Procedures

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines (Under Review: for more details please send an email to (

Management Standard Policy/Procedures/Guidelines Form / Templates
Leadership and Commitment Health and Safety Policy  
Accountability and Responsibility H&S Management Standards H&S Responsibilities  
Planning ,Objectives and Performance H& S Legal Obligations Register H&S KPI Guideline  
Hazard and Risk Management H&S Risk Assessment and Management Procedure Health and Safety Risk Matrix H&S Risk Register Fieldwork Safety Guidelines & Form Food Hygiene Heat Stress Plant Risk Assessment Guidelines Alcohol and Drugs Workplace Inspections Procedure Hazardous Materials:
  • Biological
  • Radiation Safety
Incident Reporting and Investigation Incident Reporting and Investigation Procedure Incident Reporting and Investigation Flowchart Incident Investigation Guideline Injury Classification Guideline Investigation Quick Reference Guide Investigation User Guide Notification Quick Reference Guide Workers’ Compensation, Injury Management and Disability Policy  
Communication, Consultation and Engagement Health and Safety Website Health and Safety Newsletter Resolution of H&S Issues  
Training, Competency and Safe Work Behavior Code of Conduct H&S training New Staff Induction Training  
Contractor, Suppliers and Partners Contractor Safety Management Work Permit  
Safe Work Procedures Personal Protective equipment Electrical Safety for In- House Workers Electrical Safety for Non – Electrical Workers Working Alone or Isolation  
Plant and Equipment Plant risk Assessment Guideline  
Health and Occupational Hygiene Asbestos Management Cyanide Hydrofluoric Acid Safe Use of  Ducted Fume Cupboards Ergonomics and Manual Tasks Guidelines Hazardous Materials Management, incl., Biosafety, Radiation, Hazardous, Substances, Dangerous Goods, Poisons, etc. Health Surveillance Procedure  
Emergency Response Emergency Response Procedures Campus Safety and Crime Prevention Campus Security Services First Aid Guidelines Safer Community Response Team  
Performance Evaluation and Monitoring Staff Performance and Development Policy H&S document Control ( Internal doc) H&S Reporting Procedure ( Internal doc)  
Reviews, Audits and Continuous Improvement H&S Assurance Program ( Internal doc)