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Academic Guidance at The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre serves as a self-access centre for students who wish to explore and extend their English Language capabilities and strengthen their knowledge of Mathematics and Science. The Learning Modules offered at the Centre cater to students from Engineering, Business and Arts backgrounds. In addition, special academic learning needs are supported through the expertise of staff at the centre. Academically proficient students are encouraged to participate in a range of special programmes and competitions arranged at the Learning Centre.
The Learning Centre focuses on the following:

• Providing academic support for all Curtin Sarawak students.
• Providing English Language programmes.
• Providing academic staff support and professional development in Teaching and Learning.
• Providing English for Specific Purpose modules for professional staff at Curtin Sarawak and the   
outside community.
• Providing knowledge building and service to the community in the areas of English, Mathematics,
Science and Learning through the OUTReach programme.

Contact us at:
The Learning Centre, Level 1,
Hornbill Precinct,
Curtin University,
Sarawak Malaysia,
CDT 250, 98009 Miri,
Phone: 085-443866
Email us at:
or logon to our website at: