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OUTReach Activities
  Activities Description Remarks
1 Curtin School OUTReach Programme The visit will emphasis on the teaching and learning of English, Mathematics and Science. It is conducted via invitation from the school or self-initiated by OUTReach Programme. Curtin Academic Staffs,
E-Fact and CV
2 School Holiday Workshop A one day event where participants are from Miri secondary schools.  It will emphasis on issues related with secondary school education such as exam, time management, research skill and etc. Motivation and teamwork activities will also be introduced. Curtin Academic and Professional Staffs,
E-Fact and CV
3 Forum on Global Issues The forum allows Curtin's students to express themselves openly on global issues such as technology, environment, health and which is coherence with Curtin Graduates Attributes: International Citizens. International Office,
Curtin Students, Students Council and E-Fact.
4 Exposure on Foreign Language In order to encourage staff & students to be culturally sensitive, this programme is designed to expose everyone to some foreign languages conducted by foreign students. International Office,
Curtin Students
5 Green Symposium for YOUTH A conference-like event for secondary schools and university students to share ideas on how to save the environment. All Staff, Students


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Barry Lian Ingan
OUTReach Coordinator
Prinia 2(GP402),
Curtin University of Technology,
CDT 250, 98009 Miri Sarawak
Tel: (+60)85-443939
Fax: (+60)85-443858