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Curtin University

What we do

The CURTIN OUTReach Programme is established to provide academic enrichment and support for students and staff. This programme focuses on promoting the university internally and externally by developing and implementing plans, which foster community partnership. Thus, Curtin’s effort to develop a community oriented university is progressively elaborated in this manner.

Other than that, CURTIN OUTReach Programme aims to:
• Enhance academic development and equip students with relevant generic skills to perform in daily interaction and function within the community
• Build on existing relationships and foster partnerships between the primary and secondary schools in the community and the university
• Develop the university’s image as a quality provider of education through committed community outreach programmes

Contact us 

Barry Lian Ingan
OUTReach Coordinator
Prinia 2(GP402),
Curtin University of Technology,
CDT 250, 98009 Miri Sarawak
Tel: (+60)85-443939
Fax: (+60)85-443858