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Why Study at Curtin Sarawak?

Curtin University's new name comes with a new identity and a new vision: To become one of the Top 20 universities in Asia by 2020. Curtin Sarawak reflects that vision in every way. So what does that mean for you? A new curriculum, even better facilities, and more opportunities to get the most out of your degree. Study in world class facilities. Learn through practical experience. Become part of a multicultural environment. Prepare to succeed in a competitive professional market.

Choosing a degree is a big decision, which is why we've made our undergraduate degrees even more flexible. You will have the freedom to follow your interests as you learn more about your field before choosing a major that suits your career goals.

Our new Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees give you the opportunity to study in your area of interest without the pressure of choosing your major before you start your studies. Just like our Bachelor of Commerce degree, you'll study some foundation units before choosing a single or double major from an extensive range of disciplines.

At Curtin Sarawak, you can choose from an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and customise them to suit your needs, gain valuable work experience interacting with local and international industry professionals, learn from lecturers with real industry experience, and indulge in a unique international and cross-cultural learning environment studying with students from more than 40 countries.

You will find our campus offers the best possible facilities one would expect from Curtin's first and largest international campus, a joint venture with the Sarawak State Government. In addition to being located in a modern, scenic city that is relatively safe and most conducive for tertiary studies, Curtin Sarawak offers a vibrant campus lifestyle with a mix of academic support services and exciting social events.

They include The Learning Centre, Library, computing facilities, counselling service, choice of food and beverage outlets, health services, public transport, banking facilities, shops, secure student housing, a range of sports facilities, as well as a modern multi-purpose health, recreation and event centre.

We are renowned for our links with industry and business, and for the practical and applied nature of our courses. Our courses are identical in all aspects to those offered at Curtin's main campus in Australia, are endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysian Qualifications Agency and Malaysian Public Services Department (JPA), and accredited by professional bodies, ensuring wide recognition. It is characteristics like these that differentiate our courses from those of other universities.

With seven campuses across the Asia-Pacific region, Curtin gives you all the benefits of a truly international university.

All the courses offered at our campuses in Sarawak, Singapore and Sydney are run using the same unit structure and study materials as our courses in Perth, meaning that you can transfer between two campuses to complete your Curtin degree. When you graduate, you'll have a degree that is recognised in more places around the world and be able to complete further study at either campus to enhance your career prospects.