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Refund Policy

Total Refund

A full refund of course fees, applicable to both new and re-enrolling students, will be made when:
- the institution is unable to conduct the course.
- a student visa is denied.
- a student fails to pass and is unable to re-enrol (this provision applies to fees paid in advance for the next semester).

Partial Refunds

Partial refunds of course fees will be made according to the following guidelines:

Refund Rate Intensive English Program Foundation/ Diploma Program Degree Program Postgraduate Program
90% of the tuition fees Prior to the commencement of classes Prior to the commencement of classes Prior to the commencement of classes Prior to the commencement of the program
50% of the tuition fees After commencement of classes but before census date After commencement of classes but before census date After commencement of classes but before census date Not applicable
No refund After census date After census date After census date After the first day of class

Other General and Administrative fees are non-refundable.

Application for Refund

Refund shall be made to the student or student's parent / legal guardian. Refund request in cash and to third party are not allowed.

Credit balance in the student's accounts due to overpayment of fees will be automatically carried forward by the University to offset against next semester's course fee if student does not request for refund in writing.

Refund of Course Fees

Please note that withdrawal from units does not constitute grounds for refund of fees. Adequate documentary evidence must be provided to support the application for refund. Your application must be forwarded to the University's Financial Services.

Application for refund of overpayment of course fee will be generally processed after census date as published by the University every semester. The Financial Services will endeavour to complete the refund within 2 weeks after census date or 2 weeks from the date of receiving the Refund Application Form if the application is submitted after census date. Refund maybe delayed due to insufficient information, documentation or if the student is owing fees in other area of the University, e.g. student housing, library fines, etc.

Refund Application Form can be obtained from the Student Services area located in the Building GP401, Level 1.

Refund of University Housing deposits

Refund of student housing deposit(s) shall only be made when a student is moving out from student housing. Refund request shall be channeled to Housing Services and students must be aware that if checkout clearance is not completed satisfactorily, this will delay the refund process. The University reserves the right not to refund the deposit(s) in full if the student has outstanding fees in other area of the University.

Refund of Personal Bond or Security Deposit (applicable to international students only)

International student's personal bonds or security deposits will only be refunded when he / she graduated or decided to withdraw totally from the University and where there is no outstanding fee in his / her account. The refund is contingent on cancellation of student pass / visa and proof of purchase of return air-ticket to student's home country.