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Apply now. Find out how
Apply now. Find out how

Curtin University


Q: How do I know if I meet your entry requirements?
A: You may find information about our minimum admission requirements at our website. If you are not able to match your qualifications to those mentioned on the list, please submit your relevant certificates & transcripts together with an Application for Admission form to our office for assessment. A Conditional Offer may be issued if your final exam results are pending to be release.

Q: What is your minimum requirement for English Language?
A: As all our courses are conducted in English, we require that applicants demonstrate competencies in English to meet minimum English requirements at different levels of studies. If your English qualification does not meet our minimum English language requirement, you may undertake the Intensive English Program (IEP) to improve your English proficiency before joining our programmes (subject to you meeting the required IELTS test scores for each programmes).

Q: I wish to apply for RPL/Exemption/Credit Transfer. How do I go about it?
A: Credits toward a Curtin qualification may be granted to applicants with qualifications from other accredited educational institutions, including polytechnics and universities. You need to complete the RPL Application Form and submit this together with copies of examination results/ transcripts and course syllabus to the Student Services Office.

Q: I have decided to submit my application to you. How do I start?
A: Congratulations for having chosen Curtin University, Sarawak, Malaysia. You may start by downloading our Application for Admission form and complete the information required on the form. Once you have completed the form, please mail it to the below address. 

For Malaysians Applicants

For International Applicants


Curtin University, Sarawak Campus
Attention: Admissions Office
Student Services Department
CDT 250
98009 Miri, Sarawak



Curtin University, Sarawak Campus
Attention: International Admissions Office
Office of Student Affairs
CDT 250
98009 Miri, Sarawak


You can also submit the form through email or send your application online. A special note to highlight: the application & acceptance due dates must be strictly adhered to, in order to ensure that you are able to commence your studies on time. Please also ensure that you have attached all the required documents by referring to the checklist on the last page of the form.

Q: I have missed the Application/Acceptance due dates. Can I apply for deferment?
A: Yes you may. You will need to notify us by submitting the ‘Deferment Letter for New Students’ available from our website. 
Please note that your offer is only valid for the semester stated in the offer. Your application will be reassessed for admission at the time you re-apply for admission. The course fees at the time you re-apply may also be different from the current fees stated in the Letter of Offer.

Q: May I arrive in Malaysia under Social Visit visa for initial entry and later convert to Student Pass visa?
A: No, Single Entry Visa is required and need to be obtained from the Malaysia Embassy/Malaysia High Commission once received the VAL (Visa Approval Letter) from Malaysia Immigration. In some cases you may be required to pay for Journey Performed Visa before your Single Entry Visa is converted to Student Pass visa. 

Nationalities apart from Malaysia MUST apply for a Student Pass through the University PRIOR to arriving in Malaysia. In the event that you enter Malaysia with a Social Visit visa and later you are not allowed to convert your visa to a Student Pass, you will be required to leave Malaysia before coming in again with a proper Single Entry Visa (with reference to Student Pass approval) issued by the Malaysian Embassy/High Commission in your country. The university is not responsible for any cost involved with your repatriation.

Q: How long does Student Pass application take?
A: It normally takes 4 - 6 weeks (or more during peak period) to process Student Pass applications. Due to the time consuming process in Student Pass application, applicants are advised to ensure that their documents are complete at the point of application, and to strictly adhere to stipulated Acceptance of Offer & payment due dates to avoid any delay.

Q: What if I have a valid Student Pass from prior study in Malaysia?
A: For students transferring from an institution in West Malaysia to Sarawak, you are required to leave Malaysia before coming in again with a new approved Student Pass. You have to withdraw and curtail your Student Pass from your current institution. You will need to apply for a new Visa from your country by submitting the relevant documents to Curtin Sarawak. You MUST request your current institution to provide Curtin a "Release Letter" upon curtailment of your current Student Pass, in order for us to commence application for a new / substituting Student Pass for you. 
For students transferring from an institution within Sarawak, you are not required to leave Malaysia in order for your new Student Pass to be processed.

Q: What tests will I undergo for Medical Clearance?
A: It is compulsory for all international students to undergo medical check-up from their country prior to enter Malaysia. The preliminary medical check-up in your own country is to determine whether you are clear from any contagious/communicable/dreaded diseases. The check-up must be done at either Government hospitals or at specialist institutions recognized by the Government. 
Upon your arrival at Curtin, the University will arrange for you to undergo a more thorough secondary medical check-up at local specialist institution, of which will involve blood and urine tests, and chest x-ray.

Q: Do I need to subscribe to Health Insurance prior to arriving in Malaysia?
A: It is compulsory under the Malaysian higher education regulations for all returning and newly-enrolled international students to have insurance coverage arranged by the University, and thus all international students are required to purchase the University’s comprehensive Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance Plan.

Q: How much is the tuition fee? Will I get any refund if I withdraw?
A: You may find out more at Course Fee and Other Fee. Please see Refund Policy for more information.

Q: Am I allowed to work part-time in Malaysia to subsidize my course fees &  living expenses?
A: Malaysian Immigration ONLY allows foreign students to work part-time in Malaysia in the following premises:

  1. Restaurants
  2. Fuel stations
  3. Mini markets
  4. Hotels

with the following conditions:

  1. applications must be made to Malaysian Immigration Headquarters at Putrajaya in person and with one representative from the University (travel cost to be borne by the student);
  2. the approval to work in Malaysia will be stamped in your passport;
  3. the university will submit a list of working international students and their performance every 3 months to Immigration department;
  4. such employment is only during semester break, public holiday or holiday that is more than 7 days and you only work as part-time and do not work more than 20 hours a week;
  5. you are not allowed to work as cashier in all premises stated above;
  6. approval for extension will only be considered if you maintain a good academic performance and class attendance record.

Q: Is there any scholarship or financial aid available for international students?
A: Currently there is limited scholarship or financial aid available for international students. For more information about scholarship and financial aid, please visit our Loans and Scholarship website or R&D website.

Q: Can I complete my entire course at Sarawak Campus? Can I transfer to your main campus in Perth after I have completed 1 semester at Sarawak campus?
A: The wide range of engineering, business and other courses currently available at the Sarawak campus are the same as the courses offered at the University's main campus in Perth. Our students are therefore able to complete their entire course without having to move to Perth main campus. However, should our student decided to experience a different culture and living in Perth by transferring their remaining studies there, our International Office will offer a one-stop service to assist the transfer. For more information, please seeTransfer to Perth.

Q: I have never been to Miri, will there be anyone receiving me at the airport?
A: We understand the anxieties when it comes to traveling to a foreign country for the first time. To ease your mind on your journey to Miri, we provide Airport Reception Services (ARS) at no extra cost. All you need to do is to fill up the ARS Form at least 5 working days prior to your arrival and our representative will meet you at Miri Airport and transfer you to your University Accommodation (if you have already been offered a place).

Q: What are the choices of on-campus accommodation? Can I live off-campus?
A: The on-campus University accommodation currently has Lakeside Apartment, Curtin Village, and Curtin Villa. For more information about each of these accommodations, please visit the Housing Services website.

Q: Do I need to attend Orientation Week? If yes, when should I arrive at the campus?
A: The University requires compulsory attendance during Orientation Week. The Orientation programmes are specially designed to help new students to get to know the staff (administration and academics), the facilities, and fellow course-mates. The entire experience during the Orientation Week is to give you a good start to your higher education. 

The Orientation week normally begins with Registration. The date and time will be indicated on your Letter of Offer.