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Curtin Sarawak

Airport Reception Service Form

* This service is strictly for students who are commencing their first semester at Curtin only!

Name Gender F / M
Nationality Malaysian Course
Phone (Mobile/Home) Email
 Flight to Miri Flight Number  
  Departure Arrival (Local time)
From (airport) MIRI
Please select a pick up time:
Please make sure you submit the request 5 days earlier or 120 hours prior to flight departure to Miri, to allow sufficient time for driver/vehicle arrangement.

Family Members:     Adult        Child        Infant (0-24 mth)
Family Member Details:


Year Of Birth

IC/Passport No.



Have you confirmed your University Accommodation and fully settle your hostel fee?
  YES   if YES, please indicate your University Accommodation
  NO   if NO. Please book your accommodation online.

** If accommodation fee has not been settled, student will be checked in to Boulevard Inn at their own cost.

** The airport reception service is only available to New Curtin students and accompanying members.

**The Curtin Transport will only drop students off at Curtin Village bus stop, Curtin Villa bus stop, the stop in front DPS area and Curtin main campus.


I hereby acknowledge to have read and fully understand the Terms & Conditions for Airport Reception Service (ARS) and agree to hold Curtin University Sarawak campus at no responsibility should I failed to abide any of the terms described.

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