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Curtin Malaysia shows its appreciation to Miri community

Miri – 28 February 2019 – Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) feted about 100 representatives of local secondary schools, selected government departments and the local business community at its annual Curtin Malaysia Appreciation Dinner at a leading hotel here on Tuesday.

The dinner was also an occasion to highlight Curtin Malaysia’s 20th Anniversary and a special Curtin Malaysia 20th Anniversary Scholarship scheme launched in conjunction with the celebrations this year.

Officiating at the dinner was Assistant Minister for Tourism, Arts and Culture Datuk Lee Kim Shin, who is chairman of Curtin Malaysia’s management board. Also present were Miri mayor Adam Yii, and Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Beena Giridharan, Chief Operating Officer Ir. Pieter Pottas and Associate Director of Marketing and Communications Dinesh Rajenthiran representing the university management.

In his address, Datuk Lee said that as Curtin Malaysia marks its twentieth year, it continues to develop its campus infrastructure and introduce new courses in light of a new 20-year joint venture agreement being signed between Curtin University and Curtin Malaysia last December.

“We will continue to enhance the facilities at Curtin Malaysia, introduce courses that meet the needs of the state and demand of students and industry, and contribute to Curtin’s continued rise in the world university rankings,” he said.

He said the contributions of the local community have played an important role in Curtin Malaysia’s achievements over the years and that the local community should be proud to have a university that is ranked in the top one per cent of universities worldwide in Miri.

“You have helped Curtin Malaysia to achieve its goals. Without your support, the university would be unable to attain the status it enjoys today,” he said.

Datuk Lee encouraged more local students to make Curtin Malaysia their first choice for tertiary studies. He said he found it ironic that students from over 50 different countries have chosen to come all the way to study at Curtin Malaysia, yet many local students are not taking the opportunity for a quality Australian education, payable in Malaysian fees, right at their doorstep.

“Students will get exactly the same degree as in Australia for roughly one third the cost of doing the same course at our main campus in Perth. That is a very good deal indeed,” he remarked.

“Thus there is a need for us to further enhance our marketing strategies to encourage more local students to choose Curtin Malaysia. While we are proud to have over 4,000 students currently, there is capacity for much more in the coming years,” he added.

Datuk Lee also stated that more students would be good for Miri’s economy. He said Curtin Malaysia has contributed significantly to the local economy over the years and the presence of international students had helped propel Miri’s property industry.

“Especially in housing, with over 4,000 students, they stay here, rent houses for three to four years, basically this helps our economy to thrive,” he said.

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Datuk Lee (front 5th right) is seen during a photo call, flanked by Prof Beena Giridharan and Ir Pieter Pottas, while Mayor Adam Yii is at front 4th right.