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Curtin Malaysia students inspired by Inwinccible-X Tour

Miri – 24 May 2017 – Students of Curtin University, Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) who attended the Inwinccible-X Tour event by the MyPerintis School of Life and Beyond Artistes in Miri recently drew much inspiration from talks by the featured speakers, Wesley Chan and Dr. Soo Wincci.

The event at the university campus, organised and hosted by Curtin Malaysia’s CPA Australia Student Charter in collaboration with the university’s Faculty of Business and University Life Department, was well attended by over 100 students.

The Inwinccible-X Tour is aimed at equipping youth with critical life skills to prepare them for future employment and entrepreneurship.

Chan is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer, youth influencer and motivational master coach specialising in personal mastery, managing Gen-Y and persuasive communication. He has had vast experience in running more than a hundred workshops, including for organisations such as TEDx, Astro VBuzz, Astro Awani, The Business Radio Station (BFM) and IM4U FM.

Dr. Soo, meanwhile, is a former Miss World Malaysia and award-winning singer and actress. As an entrepreneur, she founded her own talent management company, Beyond Artistes, in 2014. Dubbed ‘the most educated celebrity in Malaysia’, she received her PhD degree in business administration from Open University Malaysia in 2016, an achievement which won her an award from The Malaysia Book of Records for being the first Miss World Malaysia to receive a PhD.

Chan started the day with a talk entitled ‘Do You Have Chemical X?’ during which he encouraged the students to discover in themselves the winning formula that will be the fundamental part in any success strategy.

He also shared tips on increasing one’s employability and taking charge of one’s life as an entrepreneur, and engaged the students in discussions on personal development and mapping out their futures.

Dr. Soo later inspired the students with her own motivational talk entitled ‘Story of the Inwinccible’ in which she related her eventful journey to success. She also regaled them with a dance to the tune of her single ‘I am X a Loser’ which is also the theme song for the Inwinccible-X Tour.

The event ended with a promotion of Dr. Soo’s book, Inwinccible X, and a photo session with the students. All those who attended expressed their appreciation of the opportunity to meet the two well-known personalities and the inspiring advice they imparted, saying that they looked forward to more of such events in the future.

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Former Miss World Malaysia Dr Soo Wincci sharing her journey to success.

Chan and Dr Soo (centre, front row) with the Curtin Malaysia students.