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Role models inspire students to ‘reach for the stars’

Miri – 1 October 2010 – Undergraduate students at the School of Business, Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) have the school’s Department of Economics and Finance to thank for inspiring them to ‘reach for the stars’.


The department held a motivational programme themed ‘Reaching for the Stars’ for its Banking and Finance students recently, which inspired the students to achieve their best in their studies and future careers.


The unique programme consisted of inspiring talks by lecturers and top students of the school. They encouraged the students to excel not only by mastering the art of effective studying but also getting a proper headstart on their careers.


According to Charmele Ayadurai, banking and finance lecturer and organiser of the event, the programme promoted the aspiration of living in a borderless world; a world without barriers between theory and practice.


The event commenced with a welcoming speech by Dr. Abey Philip, senior lecturer of economics and head of the Economics and Finance Department, followed by the dean of the School of Business, Shamsul Kamariah Abdullah.


In her speech, Shamsul Kamariah’s said the theme ‘Reaching for the Stars’ was very much in line with Curtin University’s vision of being an international leader shaping the future through its forward-looking graduates and positioning itself among the top 20 universities in Asia by 2020.


Charmele said the dean’s presence at the event reflected a leader who not only respected and inspired students but also an individual who honours her promise to be part of each and every student activity in the School of Business.

The dean’s speech was followed by useful insights into the importance of internships and graduate recruitment presented by Careers and Alumni Officer Imong Ghani. His presentation stressed on the strong positive correlation between skill qualifications and productivity, and gave the students more career pathways to ponder upon.


Finance lecturer Nee Pai Hwa meanwhile shared pertinent points on how to study effectively, leading the students to remark that studying can indeed be a lot of fun.


Three top finance students were also invited to share their study experiences. All three agreed that there is no shortcut to success and constant thought on how this is related to the real world should be part of the learning process.


Dr Abey said the programme not only managed to raise awareness of the importance of learning but also skill acquisition and to be better prepared for the world of work.


“The importance of knowledge work and knowledge workers plays a pivotal role in the success of the economy. Therefore, ensuring that the community understands and participates in ongoing changes in underpinning globalisation is vital for the development of the country,” he remarked.


“To increase our global competitiveness, Curtin Sarawak needs more nation-builders equipped not only with high aspirations and integrity, but also entrepreneurial mindsets and toolkits” said Shamsul Kamariah in her closing remarks. 


She added that, to help its undergraduate students achieve their aspirations, the School of Business will provide them essential role models, a powerful peer network, start-up experience and academic theory.

Charmele related that, as an industrialist turned academician herself, she was passionate about helping the undergraduates avoid some of the pitfalls she avoided at their age.


“This is an exciting programme to be a part of. I look forward to sitting in my front row seat watching our bright young students grow into global figures. However, one thing is certain – you have not heard the last of ‘reaching for the stars’ yet. I would like to propose a toast to all the students. May you be presented with the brightest stars to reach out to,” she said.


The ‘Reaching for the Stars’ programme participants in a jubilant mood.