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Itís First Aid and Safety Month at Curtin Sarawak from 21 August to 24 September

Miri – 27 August 2010 – VAD-57, the Malaysian Red Crescent (MRC) Voluntary Aid Detachment at Curtin University, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak), launched its First Aid and Safety (FAS) Month at the university campus last Saturday.


The opening ceremony was officiated by Assistant Minister of Communications and Assistant Minister of Sports Datuk Lee Kim Shin, who is the MRC Miri chapter first vice-chairman, as well as the chairman of the Curtin Sarawak management board.


The FAS Month, from 21 August to 24 September 2010, is being organised to raise awareness about health and safety, and involves the participation of Malaysian Red Crescent Miri Chapter members, Curtin Sarawak staff and students, as well as students of secondary schools in Miri.


It will see eight different events being held throughout the month. They are the Opening Ceremony and FAS talks (21 August), FAS Exhibition (13 and 14 September), FAS Competition & Show and health check in conjunction with the university’s Curtin Open Day 2010 (18 September), Mock Exercise (24 September), Water Safety & Boat Handling Course (25 September), and Closing & Appreciation Ceremony (24 September).


In his speech during the opening ceremony, Datuk Lee stressed that formal training is vital to providing proper first aid.


He said simply getting first aid knowledge from friends will not do as one would gain only superficial knowledge of first aid. He recommended that everyone attend proper first aid training courses provided by the MRC and other leading community organisations.


“Injuries and accidents are always unexpected and unpredictable. It is therefore a necessity for each one of us to learn basic first aid techniques so that we are able to provide assistance in any casualty,” he said.


“Moreover, you can save the lives of strangers or help at places where immediate medical treatment is not available,” Datuk Lee added.


Also present at the opening ceremony was Curtin Sarawak’s chief operating officer James Ng, 2nd Vice Chairman of Malaysian Red Crescent Miri Chapter Hajjah Judy Wan Morshidi and other senior MRC officers, and VAD-57 commandant Chin Pin Rui.


Following the opening ceremony, Dr. Lai Nyong Kheng, a senior assistant medical officer with the Miri Hospital, presented by a talk on basic life support and first aid.


A second talk, on responding to emergencies in the workplace, was delivered by Dr. Abdul Halim Mohamed, senior occupational physician for Sarawak Shell Berhad.


According to organising chairman Oliver Zhang Wen Qiang, it took the VAD-57 more than three months to plan the FAS Month campaign.


He said that the VAD-57’s main objective in organising the FAS Month with the theme ‘Safety Awareness For Everyone’ (SAFE) was to raise awareness of safety and health among students.


It is hoped that through the FAS Month activities, students will enhance their knowledge of first aid, health and safety, as well as improve their problem-solving skills, added Zhang. 


Dr. Adeline Wong, head of the Staff and Student Affairs Department at Curtin Sarawak, which oversees the on-campus activities of the VAD-57, commended the detachment for its efforts in organising such events for their fellow students, staff of the university and the public.


She said the VAD-57, which is the 57th MRC branch unit in Malaysia, plays a significant role in campus life at Curtin Sarawak, helping ensure the safety and health of the university community.


Working closely with Dr. Wong’s department and the University’s Health Services & First Aid Centre, the VAD-57 provides first aid support for on-campus events, runs safety and health awareness campaigns and conducts first aid and safety training for students and staff, as well as mock exercises to ensure the readiness of the University community in case of emergencies or disasters.


Members of VAD-57 rescue team are always ready to assist the campus’ Health Services and Emergency Response Team (ERT) in any cases of emergency on campus.


It also organises community service projects and fund-raising events in support of those in need, as well as actively participates in Malaysian Red Crescent Miri Chapter activities.


“Indeed, the VAD plays such a large and valuable role that the University has seen fit to support it financially and provide it its own office space and other facilities,” she said.         


More information on the VAD-57 can be obtained at its homepage at

Datuk Lee Kim Shin, James Ng and Hajjah Judy Wan Morshidi and MRC and VAD-57 officers launching FAS Month.


Dr. Adeline Wong and Dr. Abdul Halim Mohamed (centre) with VAD-57 members and university staff.