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Curtin Sarawak scholars leave for Perth on Western Australia Premierís Scholarships


Miri – 10 March, 2010 – Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) students Liaw Sui Boon, Raymond Chiong Choo Wee, Liew Kim Fung, Wong Ming Yi and Tang Ing Cheng - the most recent recipients of the Western Australia Premier’s Scholarship – recently left for Curtin’s main campus at Bentley in Perth, Western Australia, eager to immerse themselves in a new learning environment there.


The scholarship granted yearly to students of Curtin Sarawak entitles them to complete their final graduate year there under the sponsorship of the Western Australia Government.


It provides Curtin Sarawak’s best and brightest the opportunity to gain different perspectives on their respective fields of study and experience a completely different lifestyle and culture.


As every aspect of the academic programmes at Curtin Sarawak including course materials and examinations are identical to those offered at Curtin Bentley, Curtin Sarawak students who can afford it can elect to study for two semesters or a year there if they so choose.


In addition, examinations for degree programmes at Curtin Sarawak are set and moderated at the main campus, and lecturers from Curtin Bentley visit often to consult with academic staff here on subject issues, content, assignments and assessment tasks.


Western Australia Premier’s Scholarship scholars need not worry about the cost factor as the Western Australian Government provides AUD$7,000 for each scholarship covering return airfares and on-campus accommodation while Curtin covers their tuition fees. Due to the synergy between the two campuses, they will also have no difficulty integrating into programmes at Curtin Bentley.


Curtin Bentley is conveniently located close to the city of Perth, shopping centres and popular attractions, giving students from Sarawak opportunities to relax and enjoy the Perth lifestyle. They also get to experience a unique international and cross-cultural learning environment as Curtin Bentley has over 8,000 students from more than 105 countries studying on campus.


“I am very happy and excited about going to Perth. I have always wanted to study overseas since secondary school. It will be an opportunity to experience a different lifestyle in another country and I am certain I will have good stories to tell my family and friends when I come back”, said Chemical Engineering student Siu Boon.


Raymond, an Electrical Power Engineering student, looks forward to gaining additional knowledge and skills in Perth and contributing to the development of Sarawak and Malaysia on his return.

“Malaysia as a developing country is in need of expertise in the electrical field. In fact, it was our government’s drive for utilisation of renewable energy and the creation of the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy that inspired me to become an electrical engineer. I am sure I will learn a lot more at Curtin Bentley and am all geared to make the best of my time there,” he said.


Kim Fung, meanwhile, believes that living and studying in a different environment will boost her confidence and people skills. The Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) student, who has a consistent academic record and actively participates in Curtin Sarawak’s Accounting Club, looks forward to taking part in student life at the Bentley campus.


“I am very thankful all my hard work has paid off and I was selected for the scholarship. I encourage those who wish to apply for the scholarship to strive hard from day one, and participate in the various activities on campus,” she said, explaining that candidates for the scholarship are selected based on consistent academic excellence and engagement in extra co-curricular activities.


Ing Cheng, who enjoys working with people from different backgrounds, is most enthusiastic about taking up new study challenges and achieving academic excellence at Curtin Bentley. The Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance) student said, “It is a great privilege to be awarded the Western Australia Premier’s Scholarship and I am very appreciative of the opportunity to experience living and studying in Perth. I am prepared to work hard and achieve my best in the span of the year.”


Ming Yi, who is part of the John Curtin Leadership Academy (JCLA) at Curtin Sarawak and founded the university’s Geology Club, derives personal fulfilment from community service and being part of Curtin. “I am proud to be part of Curtin here in Miri, and am honoured to be given the chance to be a part of Curtin in Australia as well,” she remarked.


The five scholars expressed their appreciation to the Western Australia Government and Curtin University of Technology for giving them the opportunity to go to Perth. All said it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience they will never forget.


Information on scholarships and study loans available to students of Curtin Sarawak can be obtained by contacting Loans and Scholarships Officer Marianne Masli at 085-443939 or by e-mail to



Curtin Sarawak scholars eager to immerse themselves in the new learning environment in Perth.