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Apply now. Find out how

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Welcome to Support Services. Find out about the services we provide.

Why I should know about Student Support Services

The University offers a wide range of support centre which aimed towards the provision of student supports and develpment. This include from settiling enrolment, academic matters, housing, student visa & pass, counselling and student development activities outside the classroom. You may find the wide range of support services on this link.

Department of University Life

Being a University student is an exciting time in your life, and presents many opportunities and challenges. At Curtin Sarawak we understand the challenges and we provide the opportunities. Department of University Life takes care from the students point of entry until the students are graduate and becoming the Alumni member. We provide informative Orientation programme to all new students when they first come in to the university. We offer a wide range of exciting activities, which give support in their development during their university life. And we prepare them to be a successful employee and provide them with assistance in thier career path.

Get to know the area services under our Department

Reach us at:
    +6 085 443939 ext. 3010
    Heron 1, 1st Floor

What’s Happening in 2015:
Get a chance to attend the 6th University Scholars Leadership Symposiuym in Hong Kong this year! For more information, do get in touch with us.