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Apply now. Find out how
Apply now. Find out how

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LEC supports one of the compulsory Ministry of Higher Education (MoE) subject , MPU2. The ‘Leadership, Innovation and Critical Thinking Unit’ (MU2 32LICRT2) is jointly develop by LEC and the Department of Language Studies and Humanities.

The unit is aimed at equipping students with practical knowledge on leadership, innovation and critical thinking. To complete the unit, students will have to undertake a journey through the Curtin Leaders Programme and TRIZ.

Here’s what you can expect to gain:

  1. Understand and reflect on self and team leadership
  2. Understand TRIZ and its use for innovation
  3. Apply critical thinking skills on leadership and innovation issues

Here’s what you have to commit to:

    Curtin Leaders Program (30%)
    • 10 modules in total – 5 on Self Leadership and 5 on Team Leadership
    • 6 to be completed on Curtin Challenge
    • 4 to be completed on Blackboard
    TRIZ Level 1 (30%)
    • 2 day workshop
    • Completion of TRIZ Quiz
    Final Exam (40%)

Now that you are ready, get on to Curtin Leaders Program!

Step 1: Go to Curtin Challenge

Step 2: Log in with your Curtin ID and password.

Step 3: Once you have successfully logged in, go the dashboard and click on Curtin Leaders Program.

Step 4: Complete the 5 Self Leadership and the 1 team leadership module available on the Challenge.

Step 5: Move on to Blackboard and log in with the same Curtin ID and password.

Step 6: Click on to ‘Leadership Skills Modules’ and complete the remaining 4 Team Leadership modules.

  • Public Speaking
  • Project Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Impacting Community

Now that you have completed your leadership journey, TRIZ awaits you!

“I became more and more interested in the mechanics of creativity. How were 
inventions made? What happens in the head of the inventor?” - Genrich Altshuller, the father of


Step 1: Sign up for one of eight two-day TRIZ Level 1 Workshop on LEC ERO. Each workshop is limited to 60 participants and is on a first-come-first-served basis.



Group No.


6 – 7 April

8am to 4pm

1 - FoES

Terence Tan

2 - FoBH

Haslina Malek

8 – 9 April

3 –FoES

Terence Tan

4 - FoBH

Haslina Malek

10 – 11 April

5 - FoBH Michelle Voon
6 - FoES Terence Tan

7 - FoBH

Haslina Malek

16 – 17 April

8 - FoBH

Michelle Voon

Step 2: Purchase the TRIZ text and manual from the bookshop for RM125 before the day of the workshop.
Step 3: Attend the two-day workshop of your choice and complete the Quiz on day 2.
Step 4: You can opt to be a certified MyTRIZ Level 1 Practitioner for a fee of RM50 upon passing the quiz. Drop by LEC and look for Ms Diana to formalise your request.

Your leadership and TRIZ journey is complete. Congrats! Don’t forget to sit for your final exam and secure the final 40% of your marks. All the best!

If you are interested to further your journey with us at LEC and qualify for Curtin Extra Certificate , feel free to come and talk to us.