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Apply now. Find out how

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Job Search Strategies

Many people end up in the workforce doing jobs they do not want or like, simply because they did not think in advance about the sort of work that they wanted to do.

Once you've determined what interests you and your skills, taking the time out to implement a few simple strategies listed below can help guide you in the right direction 

Finding Employment 
Choosing an employer
Types of Employment  
Employer Expectation
How Employers Recruit 
Selection Techniques

Exploring Opportunities

One of the most important decisions to make is the kind of work you will enjoy, feel comfortable with, is in tune with your values, and that you will want to do on a regular (daily even) basis. What area do you want to work in, and what style of work do you actually want to undertake? 

There are many opportunities available to you .... and within these opportunities many options... and even more ways to explore these opportunities and options. Here are some suggestions to get you started:  

Informational Interviewing 
Career Workshops  
Career Fair 
Recruitment Partners

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Career Guidance   
Resume & Cover Letter Clinic
Resume Bank