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Student Conduct

Curtin University is a community where all staff and students have rights and responsibilities and are expected to uphold Curtin's values and signature behaviours of integrity, respect, courage, excellence and impact.

Student misconduct at Curtin is dealt with in accordance with Statute 10 (Student Discipline) and associated Rules, and applies to all students equally regardless of campus or level of study. The principles of procedural fairness and natural justice underpin how the university responds to both allegations and determinations of misconduct.

Student misconduct falls into three categories:

  1. Academic Misconduct: “…conduct by a Student,… that is dishonest or unfair in connection with any academic work, such as:
    1. during any exam, test or other supervised assessment activity;
    2. in relation to the preparation or presentation of any assessed item of work; or
    3. in relation to the conduct of research or any other similar academic activity.”
  2. General Misconduct:“… conduct by a Student,
    1. which contravenes any written law of the Commonwealth of Australia, a State or Territory of Australia or any other country, and where the written law relates to an activity associated with the Student being a Student of the University;
      Note: a breach of a University Statute, by-law or rule would be a contravention of a written law for these purposes.
    2. which contravenes the provisions of the Act or any Statute, rule or by-law, or University policy or procedure;
    3. which contravenes any lawful direction by a member of the staff of the University;
    4. which infringes the reasonable freedom of other persons to:
      1. pursue their study, research, duties or other lawful activities on premises owned or controlled by the University, or elsewhere while engaged in an activity under the auspices of the University; or
      2. participate in the life of the University; or
    5. which is otherwise detrimental to the proper conduct of the University or the University’s reputation;”
  3. Academic Record Fraud - Conduct by a Student, …that is dishonest in connection with an Academic Record, such as:
    1. falsifying, or arranging the falsification of, an Academic Record
    2. giving false or misleading information in relation to an Academic Record; or
    3. allowing a false or misleading Academic Record to be presented on behalf of the Student, or another person;”

    Who do I notify if I suspect misconduct at Miri?

    Academic Misconduct

    Authorised Officer(s)

    Discipline Process Location

    Receive report of suspected academic misconduct as the Authorised Officer

    (Refer to Schedule A of the Academic Misconduct Rules for further details)

    HOS (at Bentley)

    Academic Registrar (at Bentley)

    Bentley: (Inquiry Officer may be Miri based)

    General Misconduct

    Authorised Officer(s)

    Discipline Process Location

    Receive report of suspected General Misconduct as the Authorised Officer

    (Refer to Schedule A of the General Misconduct Rules for further details regarding who is the appropriate Authorised Officer for a specific instance of misconduct)

    HOS (at Bentley)

    Academic Registrar (at Bentley)

    Chief Information Officer

    Director Properties

    Miri: SDP

    Bentley: Board of Discipline (BOD), Student Discipline and Appeals Boards (SDAB)

    Academic Record Fraud

    Authorised Officer(s)

    Discipline Process Location

    Receive report of suspected Academic Record Fraud as the Authorised Officer

    Academic Registrar (at Bentley)

    Bentley: (Inquiry Officer may be Miri based)

    How do I make a report to the Authorised Officer?

    Any suspected student misconduct should be reported in writing to the Authorised Officer. The report should include the following:

    • Details of the student/s involved in the suspected misconduct
    • A summary of the suspected misconduct
    • Any supporting documentation; and
    • If the suspected misconduct is academic, details of the unit in which it occurred (i.e. unit outline)

    What Happens next?

    The process for each type of misconduct is articulated in the relevant Rules. This sets out the process that the university is required to adhere to in relation to:

    • Determination to inquire into allegations
    • Notification to student (including the right to respond)
    • Determination as to whether misconduct has occurred and (if found);
    • Penalty and Appeal options

    Discipline cases are heard by Curtin University staff, and there are no external representatives involved in the process.

    Miri’s Student Discipline Panel (General Misconduct Cases only – See table above)

    • Chair: Faculty SDP Chair at Bentley
    • Staff member: Appointed by the PVC (Miri)
    • Student: Appointed by the chair from the list of nominations under Clause 2.4 of the General Misconduct Rules.

    Information for staff is available on the Office of the Academic Registrar’s website.  This includes approved templates for the misconduct process and summary information relating to the following areas:

    • further information relating to the procedural details outlined in each of the three student
      misconduct rules;
    • a summary of each relevant step in the student misconduct process;
    • flowcharts to assist staff members involved in the process;
    • guidance for conducting an inquiry into student misconduct;
    • guidance for assessing the seriousness of a report of student misconduct;
    • references to other relevant information; and
    • general notes to assist in understanding the overall process and responsibilities.