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The Records and Archive Office provides the University with a corporate administration information service and provides current

and historical records of the University’s administrative operations.  It is responsible for the management, storage, retrieval, retention

and disposal of all administration records, including, but not limited to legal, student, financial, personnel, research and teaching

records. The Records and Archive Office operates within a secure and confidential environment and must observe /carry out all

University Policies and Procedures and all University laws in its management of University records.


Our Vision
Curtin will have an open, collaborative information culture which supports innovation and excellence in teaching and research.


Our Mission
To establish and support excellence in the creation, use, sharing and preservation of information for the benefit of Curtin staff and students and the wider community.


The Records and Archive Office can be contacted during business hours in the following ways:

Telephone: +6 85 443939 Ext: 1202
Facsimile: +6 85 443838
Email: records&