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If you would like any further information regarding Corporate Communications, please email or contact us!

Telephone: +60 85 443 939
Fax: +60 85 443 838

Operating Hours
Monday - Friday :
8.00am - 5.00pm

Weekend & Public Holiday:

Office Locations:
Level 1,  Heron 1 (John Curtin Building)

Welcome to Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications is the University's promotional and reputation building arm. The Corporate Communications team provides a full range of communication services to support the Curtin Sarawak community, including providing news and information about the University and its activities, helping promote and celebrate Curtin Sarawak and its achievements, leading our student recruitment and corporate branding campaigns, and other professional communication-focused services. In addition, through various public relations activities, the team works to enhance and develop Curtin Sarawak’s culture of excellence and its philanthropic culture, and engages with Curtin Sarawak’s community and stakeholders. These pages outline what we do and how you can utilise our services.



Corporate Communications produces two e-newsletters for the dissemination of..

Digital Media

Corporate Communications controls Curtin Sarawak's public website, which includes..

Design Sevices

Corporate Communications responsible for producing design solutions to..

Public Relations & Corporate Events

Corporate Communications develops and coordinates public relations liaisons and..

Branding, Advertising & Social Media

Corporate Publications is responsible for developing and coordinating marketing..

Campaigns, CSR & Special Projects

Corporate Publications currently manages two ongoing campaigns on the Curtin..