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Curtin University
CurtinCurtin Malaysia Bookshop
 Curtin University Orientation Sememester 1 2010

Please proceed to the Bookshop or contact numbers below for assistance.

Phone: 085-443920 / 085-443923
Fax: 085-443838

    Second Hand Book

    Check out Curtin Sarawak Bookshop's second hand book section to see if we have your books in stock. Visit us at the bookshop or click here to check if your book is available. *Terms and conditions apply.

    Selling Books

    If you have textbooks that you'd rather trade for cash, bring them into the Second Hand Book section. Once the book is sold, you will be informed via e-mail or phone call to collect the proceeds of the sale. The Bookshop retains a small percentage of the sale to cover the administrative costs.

    Notes to sellers:

  • We do not buy the textbooks/items from you. The bookshop acts as an agent that facilitates the sale of your books/items.
  • We only accept textbooks that are prescribed text for the forthcoming semester.
  • We only accept textbook/items which are in good condition. Damaged items will not be accepted,
  • A current university ID card must be presented when selling textbook/items and collecting payments.
  • The selling price of the book/item is to be fixed at a maximum of two-thirds of the original price of the book/item. Overpriced items are subject to reduction at the Bookshop's discretion.
  • Due to lack of space we have set quotas on the quantity of each textbooks/items. If this quota is reached we will not be able to accept your textbooks/items.
  • Purchase of second hand textbooks/items are only available by personal shopping and cannot be ordered or held for customers.
  • You are required to come in person to collect your payment.
  • All books are left at your own risk and the bookshop will not be held responsible for missing books/items.
  • Your contract runs on a yearly basis (from March to March) and any unsold books/items and uncollected money must be collected by the expiration date of your contract. If your book/item is not reclaimed, or the contract is not renewed, the book/item and any consequent proceeds from the sale of the book/item will become the property of the bookshop.
  • For more information on the conditions of sale, ask for a copy of the book/item selling contract from the bookshop or download the contract here.  



    Prices are set by the owner of the book and we cannot exchange or refund second-hand book purchases. Once you've finished with your book, give it another life and recycle it put it back in the store!