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Curtin University
CurtinCurtin Malaysia Bookshop
 Curtin University Orientation Sememester 1 2010

Please proceed to the Bookshop or contact numbers below for assistance.

Phone: 085-443920 / 085-443923
Fax: 085-443838

    Computer Shop Hardware & Software

  • Mouse
  • Webcams
  • Mic,Earphone and Headphone
  • Media Storage / Hard Disk Drive
  • RAM
  • MP3 / MP4 Player
  • Keyboards
  • Other Accessories
  • Notebooks/Laptops  

    For more information on our latest products and promotions, you can find the link at your fingertip *Other items and other brands are also available upon request. Price of items are subject to change accordingly to the current market price.